Have you ever wondered how other websites land the first page of a Google search? Or why, despite your efforts, your business or blog is not getting enough clicks? This is attributable to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that enables businesses to be at the forefront of general search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu.

The hierarchy of results is based on Google’s PageRank (PR) algorithm. Statistical research indicates that more than 75% of users only look at the first page of search results and 57% only click on the first three results. Thus, this illustrates the importance of utilizing an affordable online SEO company to help achieve the highest position on SERPs and increase organic foot traffic.


Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

SEO specialists and digital marketers all compete for the same precious real estate in the most prominent first page of Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). However the competition is fierce and ever-changing technological advances mean it is more important than ever to leverage this opportunity in order to bring maximum visibility to your business.

When users enter their search query with specific terms or phrases known as keywords, the search engine presents them with an SERP with results based on PR. For a specific search the SERP may appear similar for different users, however there are subtle differences. This is due to Google’s algorithm customizing the User Experience (UX) by presenting results based on their previous searches, commonly view pages, location, gender and ethnicity. Also the User Interface (UI) of SERPs continue to change in order to create a more intuitive and easy to use. Consequently, adopting an SEO strategy can increase the PR of your website on SERPs making it more visible for users to access.


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Click Through Rate (CTR)

The user may then choose to click through the most relevant pages to them on the SERP. Click Through Rates (CTR) decline the further down the page the result is positioned with a difference of 25% between the 1st and 5th position, despite both being on the first page. This emphasizes the importance of utilizing SEO to give your business or blog the best chance of reach and engagement. Thus by implementing an SEO strategy your website is more highly ranked, thereby increasing the CTR and generate more organic traffic.


Organic traffic


Organic listings are the relevant results from the user’s query on the SERP. The main objective of SEO is to increase the PR of your website so it achieves the highest position on SERPs ideally on the first page. Then this in turn increases CTR and organic foot traffic. Higher foot traffic translates to increased leads and sales, which can boost your business or blog greatly.

In the past, website’s PR could be increased in organic listings by including keywords, detailed metadata, social media and content marketing. However, Google continues to change and complicate its algorithm to remove spam content and improve UX and UI. Subsequently, it is now important to also include synonyms and related concepts. In addition, metric show higher engagement such as time on site, pages per session and bounce rate indicate a quality of website result. In these cases the PR algorithm will rank these pages higher.

A marketing mix of organic traffic growth is best combined with paid advertising targeting the same keywords to achieve the best results out of a SEO strategy.



Paid results

Google Ads enables businesses to put themselves right in front of their customers when they make a relevant query and are actively searching. This enables businesses to target customers and track Cost per Click (CPC) and Return on Investment (ROI). Moreover, you can experiment with different headlines and marketing messages in the advertisements to observe which CTR are greater.  Businesses are only required to pay on a Pay per Click (PPC) basis, when customers click on the ad or call the business.