There are a number of different types of massages out there, many of them with similar benefits. If you are a fan of this kind of therapy then it could be worth trying a few different types, as long as you don’t have a specific reason for visiting a masseuse (like sports injuries or a bad back).

Swedish massage

This is the most common kind of massage in the West, and is typically what you will get if you go to a spa treatment. The therapy involves rubbing your muscles in order to relax and loosen them, combined with gentle tapping and vibration. This option is particularly useful for those who do physical work (such as labourers) or have a bad back.

Thai massage

This Eastern form of treatment is fantastic for relaxation, as well as providing physical benefits such as enhancing flexibility. It is said that the first masseuse to use the technique was inspired by Indian yoga, and also treated Buddha himself.

The treatment involves the compression and pulling of joints in various yoga poses in order to relieve pressure, as well as increase flexibility. This treatment can be combined with cupping and acupuncture if desired.


An aromatherapy massage involves less pressure than the other kinds, and is more about mental relaxation rather than physically loosening muscles. The experience will involve gently rubbing scented oils (often rose or lavender) into muscles and pressure points, with the air being filled with relaxing incense as well

Aromatherapy is perfect for de-stressing, and is becoming increasingly popular among urban professionals. It is also frequently offered as an option at spas and luxury resorts.

Sports massage

This one is most beneficial for athletes and those who suffer from tight muscles regularly. The treatment is designed to improve circulation and loosen tight muscles, helping athletes to both prepare for and recover from a sports event.

Chinese massage

This ancient treatment has been practiced in China for over 2000 years, and involves putting pressure on deep tissue, especially in the back, to help muscles to relax. It is also good for treating back pain and spinal problems, reducing the pain and helping the customer to have more freedom of movement.

The treatment covers the rest of the body too, and can be very good for thigh and chest muscles as well as the back. It is somewhere in between a sports and a Swedish treatment in its benefits.