Getting a professional massage has many benefits, both psychological and physical. Depending on the type of treatment you can be relaxed, loosened up and de-stressed. There are a number of positives from going to a professional masseuse – so what are they, and what kind should you get to get the different treatments?

Loosen muscles

Loosening up tight muscles massively reduces the chance of injury for people who exercise a lot. Even those who don’t can get relief from ailments like joint or back pain. Any kind of massage will be good for tight muscles, but the Swedish variety is really the best one for athletes.

A Swedish massage is what most Westerners picture when they think about seeing a masseur. It involves rubbing surface muscles in order to loosen them, as well as kneading and circular motions over areas that feel particularly tight. This treatment is particularly good for inflamed or chronically tight muscles – especially in the lower back.

Improve flexibility

If you want to loosen your muscles and improve your flexibility at the same time, you want a Thai massage. This treatment combines slowly rubbing muscles with pulling and compressing joints, as well as some yoga poses. The combination will stretch you out as well as loosen you up.

This kind of therapy can also be combined with other traditional Eastern medicinal practices such as acupuncture and cupping. Acupuncture, where hair-thin needles are inserted into pressure points, can be effective in relieving pain and reducing tension. Cupping is where a cup is placed upside down on a person’s back, with the top then heated to create suction. This can also loosen muscles.

Simply relax

An aromatherapy massage is fantastic for when you just need to unwind and relieve some stress. The treatment itself will be quite gentle, simply rubbing at tense spots around your upper back and neck. Your masseuse will also rub in some aromatic oils. As you get the treatment you will also have scented candles and/or incense burning in the room.

Recover from or prepare for sport

A sports massage can improve circulation and stimulate soft tissue repair and growth. This type of treatment is excellent for athletes and those who live an active lifestyle. It is based around vigorously rubbing muscles to loosen them and stimulate increased blood flow. Even those who are more sedentary can benefit – a sports massage can make up for a lack of circulation caused by sitting at a desk all day.