There is an interval allowed between the first and second quarters of the football. There can also be a change in the end. The time for interval allowed between the third and four quarters is around five minutes which normally gets extended if there are some special circumstances. The half time is the longest period of interval and there is a gap of maximum twenty minutes. Here there is a special condition for the players that they are not allowed to leave the ground for not more than 15 minutes. This is one of the rules which are strictly practiced.

The field is of the oval shape and there are two sets of posts in the two sides to which the goals has to be out in by the payers. The inners set are the goal posts. The measurements of the goal post are also given by the authority which has to be strictly followed by the authorities. It is of the distance of around 6.4 meters from the goal posts and at least 6 meters tall. The goal square extends nine meters from the goal posts and the width is of around 6.4 meters.

All other measurements are also clearly stead in the bylaws of the authorities which is well cellar to the Australian players and even the spectators and Australian people. Next is about the ball which is used to move in the ground. The ball is covered with the leather material and is tanned for the purpose of day use and it is colored with the easily visible yellow for the matches happening in the night. The inflation of the football is also given with clear specifications which should not be altered at any cost since there can be variations of the movement of the ball.

The position of the player is one of the rules which look similar to the rules of the other modern forms of the football from the different parts of the world. The total number of players in the Australian football team is 18 and there are three interchange players who are allowed to take their seats on the bench. The substitutions are allowed at any time pouf the match and are of free. There is a gate inform of the bench through the substitute players can come to the field without any conditions. All what they have to do is to inform the announcing committee.

There are five lines of the three across the oval in which the players are arranged with the three remaining are assigned to the ball. The position of the player is decided by the team itself since they can affix each player on the basis of his or her skills.

The rules and particularities of Australia in football are so similar with the other modern forms of football which can be seen in NRL highlights but it is too important to maintain the entire rules in the entire period of time. There are players and also substitute players who are given reasonable time of gaps or intervals.