Access to quality hot water can be taken for granted in households that have already installed a reliable system for their premises.

For The Cylinder Guy that is in the market for electrical hot water cylinders, they have to start their own journey and identify a brand that will suit their needs without blowing the family budget.

Whilst friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours can be asked for their input into this acquisition, it will be the homeowner who has to make a final decision.

Before rushing to judgment, it is worthwhile taking stock of some key tips that experienced operators recommend.

Protective Warranty


The first tip that homeowners should consider when seeking out their own electrical hot water cylinders like those from The Cylinder Guy, is to obtain a warranty that protects their investment. These items can experience faults and failures, whether on account of an internal issue with the manufacturer or external elements including severe weather hazards or interference from wildlife. It is paramount that shoppers purchase their system from an outlet that will cover through a warranty in case something should go array in these examples. That will prevent added stress if the cylinder has to be repaired or replaced, opting for packages that cover the product for a significant portion of their lifespan.

Does It Come With A Good Energy Efficiency Rating?

water heater

A household’s utilities budget can be exposed if they happen to purchase electrical hot water cylinders that have poor energy ratings. These markers are published out of 6 stars and determined by independent arbiters, avoiding any conflicts of interest over their credibility and authenticity as a brand. Electrical goods consume more energy against their natural gas and solar counterparts on average, so it is important to take stock of how well they rate and how much energy they consume to reach the same degree of output.

Find Brand That Offers Specialist Maintenance Care

Electrical hot water cylinders from The Cylinder Guy will need to be conditioned and maintained by scheduled appointments through a specialist provider. If a brand cannot offer a reliable professional who gives this consistent level of service, then the risks of a fault occurring only increase. Electrical products have to be monitored to ensure a high level of performance, so shoppers should invest in a business that places this department as a central priority.

Future Proofed Installation

The best option for a homeowner in 2019 could very well be via the market of electrical hot water cylinders. That is not to say they won’t be installing a solar model for 2025 or 2030 when conditions are more suitable. In order to make that future project more palatable and easier for all parties, the provider can institute future proofing measures that lays the foundation for that exercise to take place. Transitioning from electric to solar is a pathway that is all too common today, and as the technology improves and the practice becomes better understood, customers should be looking at getting their location ready for a sustainable source of energy.

Scour The Market For Accurate and Fair Pricing

There is no greater leverage that a homeowner can have over a provider of electrical hot water cylinders than intimate knowledge of market pricing schemes. If a major brand in this sector is setting a standard 250L model at a retail cost of $750.00 but a competitor is marketing the same volume at $800.00, that is a fact that should be mentioned during talks with the representative in store, over the phone or online. Scour domestic outlets and suppliers across the country to get a feel for the temperature before accepting prices on face value.


By following through on these process, shoppers for electrical hot water cylinders will be in a better position to leverage opportunities that present themselves and avoid investing in technologies that are defunct, deficient or below industry standard. These are risks that are inherent with these types of acquisitions, so consumers should be diligent when opting for a long-term product like a hot water system.