Liscio hair straightening is a ground-breaking new style technique to come out of Japan that works to permanently straighten your frizzy, wavy, curly or just hard to maintain locks. The treatment process works by combining chemicals with heat that softens the follicles and allows them to be reformed into straight patterns.

After the treatment you will be left with smooth, shiny, silky and pin straight locks that are healthier than they were before treatment. This is a highly sensitive treatment and should always be performed by a professional at a salon offering Liscio hair straightening.

Let’s learn more about Liscio hair straightening and how it works.

The process

The process for Liscio hair straightening normally goes as follows:

  1. Consultation regarding any treatments received previously such as high-lights, colouring, relaxers as well as any conditions on your scalp such as abrasions, allergies or irritations etc.
  2. Examine the condition and type of your locks
  3. Shampoo and blow dry
  4. Use the activator
  5. Let process take place
  6. Examine an individual strand
  7. Rinse and dry
  8. Use neutraliser
  9. Rinse and condition
  10. Blow dry and use flat iron where needed

Can Liscio hair straightening be used on highlighted or coloured locks?

The answer is both a yes and a no. The process can be used on colour and highlighting that has been done up to 50%. Those with heavily damaged highlights and follicles should seek professional consultancy before seeking Liscio hair straightening.

Can Liscio hair straightening be used on top of a relaxer?

The process cannot be used after a relaxer that contains sodium hydroxide or any other similar metallic hydroxides. Despite this, Liscio hair straightening is able to be used following cysteine or thio based relaxers.

How long after Liscio hair straightening can I get colouring?

Normally you will need to wait a minimum of 2 weeks after the treatment to begin colouring. It is recommended to seek out a professional salon to dye the colour rather than attempting to do it at home.

How long does Liscio hair straightening take?

The process usually takes roughly 3-4 hours depending on the thickness, length and condition of your locks.

When can I wash it again?

Following the treatment you cannot shampoo for at least 72 hours and to not wet your strands or carry out and strenuous exercise for at least 48 hours. You should also avoid doing a ponytail or tucking behind your ears.

Do not use clips, pins, elastic bands or barrettes ad they can potentially leave a kink. You should also try not to swim or submerge the treatment for at least 2 weeks.

How long does the treatment last?

Once treated, your locks will remain straight until they grow out or are cut off. On average, new growth will require a touch up around 4 to 6 months following initial treatment.

Will I need touch ups?

The new growth that eventually comes can be converted to straightness without touching the rest of the existing treatment. The job that was done before can be protected by lotions and creams with high protein concentrations.

The time it takes to do touch-ups of Liscio hair straightening is relatively the same but may differ depending on any texture changes. This process can be harder to do than the original job so you should always go to a reputable salon for it.

How do you maintain the treatment at home?

There are several specially made conditioners and shampoos that can be used to protect the treatment while you’re at home. It’s important that you follow a strict schedule with your care products so that you maintain an ideal look for as long as possible.