If you are feeling stressed and anxious regularly, chances are your muscles are taut, your body aches and your head is muddled.

The solution? A massage.

Specifically, a Norwest massage.

Located in close proximity to each other, Norwest massage parlours offer a wide variety of services to suit your body’s unique needs. This ancient traditional practice has been passed down many centuries, and is a great form of relaxation and rehabilitation for your body. It can help ease aching muscles, release tension, increase blood circulation and assist with lymphatic drainage. They are an incredibly soothing way to escape your daily stresses, and help you perform to your maximum every day.

Did you know that there are many different types to tailor to every specific need? Here is a list of Norwest massage services.

  • Remedial therapy

Particularly suited to active people on the go, remedial therapies target particular areas where muscles and soft tissues are in dysfunction due to sports injuries, ailments or general aches. At these Norwest massage centres, pressure is targeted towards myofascial trigger points, scar tissues or lymph to improve circulation and the metabolism of lactic acid. The special mobilization techniques provide a deep relaxation that you cannot achieve at home, as well as increase muscle mobility. It can also rectify bad posture due to its targeted nature.

  • Relaxation therapy

A widely popular choice across Australia, relaxation Norwest massages focuses on creating an atmosphere of deep relaxation, tranquility and balance for your body. This type is suited towards anyone looking for stress relief, as it uses soothing pressure to alleviate tension, tight muscles and stressed joints. Accompanied by deep breathing and often candlelight, such therapy is perfect for improving blood circulation and an escape from the noise of every day stress.

  • Aromatherapy and Hot Stone

A pampering experience to provide a deep sense of tranquility, mental clarity and balance, aromatherapy and hot stone utilises the sense of smell to relax your mind and body. Benefits of aromatherapy have been extensively researched to effectively melt away stresses, as smell has been regarded as the most powerful and ancient sense of all. This Norwest massage utilises long, slow strokes to quiet your mind and bring harmony to your senses, and is based on ancient Thai traditions that have become widely popular in our Western world.

  • Reflexology

Reflexology is based on the scientific principle that certain parts of the body affect the whole. In the Norwest massage parlour, reflex points of the feet, hands, face and ears are targeted to stimulate the whole body’s own natural healing process. These areas correlate with all of the glands, organs and systems in the body, so when pressure is applied, such zones are stimulated to eliminate toxins, increase energy and improve circulation.

  • Deep tissue

Although a more painful than relaxing experience, deep tissue therapy is highly recommended for chronic aches, pains and injuries to provide a deep remedy to aid in muscle recovery. This therapy at a Norwest massage service targets deeper layers of muscles and tissues than typical services, through the use of slow, deep pressure applied on concentrated areas of pain or tension. It is extremely effective for people with recurring sports injuries, muscle stiffness, postural issues or limited mobility. For people with chronic tension built up over years, a regular deep tissue program is recommended for truly aiding the recovery of muscle.

These well-practiced Norwest massage centres are all located within close proximity to one another, and are near Norwest Business Park. No matter if you are a corporate worker, exercise junkie or just a stressed mum, trying a Norwest massage will be beneficial for your overall wellbeing. It’s time to give back to your body, which has done so much for you.